Easy Recipe Archive South

Easy Recipe Archive South

Welcome to Easy Recipe Archive South, a collection of Southern recipes that feature simple, healthy ingredients.

It has always been my philosophy to begin a dish with a basic ingredient and then balance the flavor with complimentary vegetables and herbs, I rarely use traditional store-bought spices in favor of my own fresh and preserved flavors.

As a gardener I have the opportunity to grow most of my herbs and peppers here at home. And though there are but few months out of the year when fresh flavors are readily available with careful preservation one can enjoy the benefits of home-grown ingredients throughout the year.

Here in the South we have a long growing season that is perfect for the hottest peppers which provide a burst of taste that can be used to reduce the amount of fat needed for flavor. The reduction of the amountĀ of fat consumed is the first step toward healthy eating.

The recipes contained on this site are simple, with the minimum number of ingredients needed to produce a fresh, healthy, tasty meal.

I hope that you enjoy my recipes and if you have one that you want to share just let me know!


P.S. This site is currently just getting started and we will be adding recipes as fast as we can!

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